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안녕하세요! Welcome to the blog dedicated to 16-years-old Korean idol Choi Junhong (Zelo) - B.A.P's maknae, lead dancer and lead rapper. The band is sharing their big love with BABYs and making music with passion & important messages for us, so I'll always respect them.

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but you still need sleep :-(

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dj yongguk

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...raindrops falling from heaven: [About Bang Yongguk #1 : Charity]


This is a post about Bang Yongguk, B.A.P’s leader. It’s about his desire in charity. There will be more about other things after this one.

  • Bang Yongguk is well known as an idol who loves to donate and put interest in social issue. On recent interview, he said he learn that from his…
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B.A.P in NYC

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everything is a lie

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Himchan interacting with fans waiting outside MTV K studios | NYC [130516]

Himchan interacting with fans waiting outside MTV K studios | NYC [130516]

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Adding to the collection with Zelo’s eyes ♥

Adding to the collection with Zelo’s eyes ♥

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cuddle B.A.P style

Yongguk: A really big bear who won't let you go no matter what. Hugs are nice and warm and makes you giggle inside.
Himchan: The one who won't let you do anything unless he gets his hugs. really big softie under that pouty face
Daehyun: Will put down the plate of food just to cuddle with you. Food can come later, you are his number one priority.
Youngae: Screws your mind into thinking that he is involved with daehyun but actually likes your hugs compared to daehyun's. No worries, he likes you more.
Jongup: Brings a big blanket for you and him. He'll give you that sweet smile and jut hold you in his arms all night.
Zelo: Skips everything just to be with you. He actually prefers your hugs than skateboarding since you understand him the most.